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We are happy for our valueable client.

We are very carefully processing our every client file & give result very short rime.

Tate, Tate & Tate Tax Service has been doing our taxes for years. Jerome's very unusual. Most accountants take all your "stuff" and do your taxes when they are ready. Then you come back to sign. Jerome always does our taxes during our appointment. This way we take an hour appt. and he asks us questions while he's completing our return. Then we sign and he sends it off and we receive our refund quickly. He always gets us a big refund every year even when we think we will owe. I would recommend Tate, Tate & Tat tax Service. The whole staff is very nice, welcoming and caring.
Been with this company over 20 years for tax preparation and accounting. Would never consider going anywhere else. Thanks Tate family!
I have been coming to Tate's Tax Service for 17 years and have always been completely satisfied with my service to include a timely and swift return. Jerome Tate is always on time for my appointments as my time is my money. Friendly and most important, knowledgeable!
Jerome Tate is the best Ive been coming here since 2007 and I have always been satisfied. Jerome is always on time. Thank you Tate Family!
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